Update Shopify inventory in bulk across multiple locations

Using Mixtable, you can efficiently manage your inventory across multiple locations in Shopify, making bulk inventory updates a seamless process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to update Shopify inventory in bulk across multiple locations, ensuring that your inventory management is both effective and time-saving.

Step 1 - Map existing inventory locations to columns in your Mixtable worksheet

Follow these steps to map your current inventory locations to columns in Mixtable. This will show any existing available inventory at these locations, and allow you to modify the inventory.

  1. If you haven’t added a Products With Variants worksheet to Mixtable, begin by doing so
  2. Configure an inventory column for each inventory location you want to edit. Identify a column that is currently empty. Right-click on the header of that column (the header contains the column’s letter). From the context menu, choose Shopify Sync Settings
  3. In the Shopify Sync Settings interface that opens, select the Inventory radio button and select the location you want to map. Select the Available inventory from the second dropdown. Click Save. This will map the column, and Mixtable will populate it with the quantity of “Available” inventory in Shopify.
  4. Repeat the same process for each location whose inventory you want to manage.

Step 2 - Modify cells and sync inventory numbers back to Shopify

Once you have columns mapped for each location where you would like to set inventory, find the cell that shows the inventory of a particular variant at a particular location. All you need to do is change the value of the cell and click the Sync Sheet to Shopify button. Mixtable will now set the available inventory for that variant at the given location to the value you’ve input into the cell.

To modify the values of many cells in bulk or to change the inventory of one or more variant at one or more location, you can use all the spreadsheet tools that Mixtable provides. You can manually change each cell, you can copy and paste, you can click and drag, or you can use the Bulk edit numbers feature.

Manually changing individual cells - when using Mixtable you can manually modify cells one by one when you need to make small changes to a single cell.

Use the Bulk Number Editor - use this tool when you want to make the same change to multiple cells at the same time. The Bulk Number Editor allows you, for example, to double the values in a columns, or to decrease them by a certain percentage.

Copy & Paste - when you need to change your inventory to the same value at more than one location you can use the copy and paste option.

Click & Drag - in some cases you might need to have the same amount of inventory for each product variant you have. In this case you can simply use the click and drag feature to update all of your variants at once.

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