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Bulk edit Shopify metafields

Mixtable's spreadsheet interface makes it trivial to manage existing metafield values in your Shopify store, and to create new ones. Mixtable allows you to set up v1.0 and the new v2.0 metafields, so any legacy metafields you have will sync, and you can sync the new metafields that can be configured from within Shopify admin.

Syncing metafield to a column

You can add/edit metafields individually or in bulk. Here's how:

  1. Set up a workbook and set up a worksheet to sync the data whose metafields you'll be editing. In the examples below we are using a worksheet that syncs our store's Products, and so we'll be editing Product metafields.
  2. Right click on the column header of a column that is not yet mapped to sync to a field. Such columns have a grey background, whereas columns that are set up for data syncing have a light purple background. When you right click you'll see a context menu show up. Select the Shopify Sync Settings option.
  3. In the window that opens, select the Metafield radio button option
  4. You'll see that you are now being prompted for information on the metafield that we'll map into this column Each metafield in Shopify has a Namespace and a Name. Enter the values for any existing metafields here. If you are creating a new metafields then enter the Namespace and Name values you'd like to use. Then, click the Save button.
  5. You'll now see Mixtable set up this new column with a heading (which you are free to change), and populating all the cells with any pre-existing data for the metafield you just set up.
  6. Now, modify any of the cells with the values you want. In this case, we are setting up Product metafields for our products.
  7. When you are done, click on the Done Editing button, and Mixtable will sync the metafield information to Shopify. It may take a few seconds before you see the new information in your store.

Metafields with preset choices

In Shopify you can define a metafield to be limited to one or more values from a list of preset choices. These are single line text metafields that either allow a single value or a list of values to be set, but these values have to be one of the defined preset choices.

If you map such a metafield to a column Mixtable will auto-detect the possible preset choices and automatically add a dropdown to each cell in the column. Clicking on the dropdown will open a menu showing the preset choice options. This makes it a breeze to set values for such a metafield, without having to remember what all the preset options are, saving you time and minimizing sync errors.

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