Bulk update Shopify product cost per item

Efficiently tracking the cost per item for products is crucial for managing your Shopify inventory and profitability. Mixtable makes this process simple by allowing you to add a Cost Per Item column to your Products with Variants worksheet.

Add a Cost Per Item column to a Products with Variants worksheet

  1. If you haven’t already, make sure to add a Products with Variants worksheet to your Mixtable workbook
  2. Find an empty column in the worksheet and right-click on the column header (which contains the column letter).
  3. Click on the Shopify Sync Settings option in the context menu that appears after right-clicking the column header

  1. In the window that opens, select Core Field as the field type. Next, choose Cost from the dropdown menu to map the column to the cost per item field

  1. Click the Save button to confirm and apply the new column mapping
  2. You’ll notice that the new column begins to populate with the existing cost per item values for the product variants
  3. Make any changes you need to the relevant cost per item cells, and start a sync to send the data to Shopify.

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