Manage your Shopify product images

Mixtable’s spreadsheet interface makes it easy add images to your products, edit existing images, and remove images that are no longer needed. You can do this via the spreadsheet cells themselves, or by using the Shopify sidebar.

Managing images from within spreadsheet

Ensure that you have a worksheet that has been mapped to sync with the products of your Shopify store. If there isn’t one already, we’ll need to map a column to hold the product images. Right click on the header of a column that is not yet mapped to sync to a field. Such columns have a grey background, whereas columns that are set up for data syncing have a light green background. When you right click you’ll see a context menu show up. Select the Shopify Sync Settings option.

In the window that opens, select the Core Field field type, and then Images from the dropdown menu. Click the Save button to save the new column mapping.

You’ll see the new column start populating almost immediately with thumbnails of any images currently available for each product.

Adding images to a cell

Now that we have our images synced to a column we can add new ones. Each cell in the column mapped to your product images will have a button in it with a + symbol. Clicking this button will present you with the Add Image widget.

The Add Image widget allows you to add images from your computer, or by entering URLs that point to images on the internet. If you click on the grey area on the left, or drag-and-drop files into it they will immediately be sent to Shopify.

To add images from URLs, paste the URLs separated by a comma into the grey area on the right and press Enter. Mixtable will take the URLs and immediately send them to Shopify.

Editing an image

If you click on one of the thumbnail images in a cell showing a product’s images you’ll open the Image Editor widget. The Image Editor currently allows you to crop and rotate your image, and we’ll be adding more ways to edit your images in the future.

After your are done updating your image simply click on the Update Image button and the image changes will be sent to Shopify.

Deleting an image

If you click on one of the thumbnail images in a cell showing a product’s images you’ll open the Image Editor widget. Clicking on the Delete Image button here will remove this image from your product in Shopify.

Managing images from the Shopify Sidebar

When viewing a product in the Shopify Sidebar you’ll be presented with an Images section. From here you can add, edit, and remove images.

  • Clicking on the Add Image button will allow you to add an image from your hard drive
  • Clicking on an existing image will open the Image Editor widget, allowing you to edit the image, or remote it from the product.

Updating/Adding Images from Product with Variants sheet to Product Images

Updating or adding images to products in Shopify can be done efficiently through the Product with Variants worksheet in Mixtable as well as from the Product Images sheet. Follow this guide to streamline your workflow and enhance the visual appeal of your products.

1. Access/Add a Product with Variants Worksheet

Navigate to the Product with Variants worksheet where you manage your product data. This is where you’ll perform the updates/additions to your product images.

2. Choose Image Column

Identify the column in which you want to add or update product images. Right-click on the selected column to reveal a context menu and click on Shopify Sync Settings. Within the context menu, locate and click on “Shopify Sync Settings.” This option opens a submenu with various synchronization settings for Shopify.

3. Add column
In the Shopify Sync Settings submenu, find and click on the Product Images radio button. After selecting the Product Images radio button, save your changes to apply the synchronization settings. This ensures that the chosen column will now be associated with Product images. Save the changes to apply the new column to your worksheet.

  1. Editing

After you have the column populated you can simply edit the images that are already downloaded from your Shopify store to Mixtable from the Edit button or add new images from the [+] button.

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