Bulk edit Shopify product Compare At prices

The Compare At Price field in Shopify is a feature used by store owners to display the original price of a product alongside a sale price. This field is typically used to highlight discounts and attract customers by showing the price difference. When a Compare At Price is set higher than the actual selling price, the product appears as being on sale on the Shopify storefront. This guide will assist you in setting up a column in Mixtable to map to this field and how to use it for updating the Compare At Price values in your Shopify products. Please note that in Shopify the Compare At Price value lives with the variants of products, and that each product has at least one variant. Therefore in the instructions below we’ll be working with a Products with Variants worksheet.

Setting Up the Compare At Price Column

  1. Navigate to a Mixtable workbook that is connected to your Shopify store.

  2. Select the Products with Variants worksheet from your workbook. Add one if one does not already exist in your workbook.

  3. Right-click on the header of an empty column where you want to show the Compare At prices for your variants.

    • Select the Shopify sync settings menu option
    • In the mapping dialog, select the Core field type radio button
    • Select the Compare At Price field from the dropdown

Updating Compare At prices and syncing to Shopify

In the Compare At Price column, set the desired compare at price for your products’ variants, in the row representing each variant you want to update. When you’ve done so press the Sync sheet to Shopify button and Mixtable will set the new Compare At prices in your store.

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