Bulk find and replace any data in your Shopify Store

Mixtable’s Find and Replace feature allows you to find and replace specific text in bulk within a specific column. While you can find and replace text in any column in any worksheet, this feature is particularly useful when you are looking to bulk find and replace a word/phrase in your product descriptions, SEO title, SEO description, and option values. Find and Replace is also a super-fast way to rename a tag.

The Find and Replace feature will only modify cells/rows that are currently visible in the spreadsheet. So, if you have applied a filter to your data, only the data that is visible will be considered.

You activate Find and Replace by clicking on its button in the toolbar. In the dialog that opens you’ll see a few inputs:

  • Column Selector - this is how you choose which column in the currently active worksheet the Find and Replace will work on
  • Find this - this is where you enter the word(s) that you are looking to replace
  • Replace with this - this is where you enter the word(s) you want to replace with
  • Case-sensitive match - whether you want to match words in a case sensitive manner. For example, whether a search value of “Organic Apple” should be strict about the capitalization of O and A, or whether it should also match “organic apple” (lowercase)
  • Match whole words only - whether you want to only replace whole words that match your “Find this” value, or whether you also want to match parts of words. For example, whether replacing “butter” should only replace the specific word “butter”, or whether it should also replace the “butter” in “butterscotch”
  • Preview first 10 rows - if enabled this will preview the Find and Replace action on the first 10 visible rows in the active worksheet. This way you can preview what the output will be before you make it real

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