Increase Shopify prices in bulk

Mixtable’s spreadsheet interface, combined with its Bulk Number editor, gives you a number of ways to increase the prices of your Shopify products in bulk. Here we’ll only look at increasing prices in bulk, and for more price editing tips see our full help page on how to bulk update your shopify prices.

Option 1 - Use the Bulk Number editor

The Bulk Number editor performs mathematical changes, allowing you to perform the same mathematical operation on a number of cells (e.g., increase by 10%). You specify the type of calculation to perform, and the updater will do it for you, applying the operation on the existing values in the cells. If a column has a mix of numbers and text values, only the cells with number values will be updated.

You activate the Bulk Number editor by clicking on its button in the toolbar. In the dialog that opens you’ll see a few inputs:

  • Column Selector - this is how you choose which column in the currently active worksheet the Bulk Number editor will work on. In your worksheet select the column mapped to the price you mapped out above.

  • Select operation - this is where you select what type of mathematical operation will be performed. The options are:

    • Add - Adds the value you’ve given to every number
    • Subtract - Subtracts the value you’ve given from every number
    • Increase by % - Takes each number and increases it by the specified percent
    • Decrease by % - Takes each number and decreases it by the specified percent
    • Multiply - Multiplies each number by the specified value
    • Divide - Divides each number by the specified value
  • Value - The actual value you want to use in the mathematical update

  • Preview first 10 rows - if enabled this will preview the numerical operation on the first 10 visible rows in the active worksheet. This way you can preview what the output will be before you make it real

Option 2 - Use Excel formulas

Mixtable works just like Excel, and if that’s your comfort zone you can use Excel formulas to update your prices. Simply map two columns to your price (either on a Products or a Variants worksheet). Cells in both column will display the current price. Update the cells in one of the price columns with a formula to increase the value of the other price formula by some value, e.g., multiply by 1.1 to increase the value by 10%. You’ll see the formula cells get a light green background, meaning they are ready to sync to Shopify. Now just click the Sync sheet to Shopify button and Mixtable will sync the updated price values to Shopify.

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