Search for Shopify information

In Mixtable, you can use our Find in sheet feature to locate cells containing a specific value in your worksheets. You activate our Find in sheet feature via the widely used Ctrl+F (Command+F on a Mac) keyboard shortcut.

1. Using the Ctrl+F shortcut

Press the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut at any point when working in a Mixtable worksheet. Doing so will open the worksheet search bar in the top right corner of the worksheet.

2. Enter your search criteria

In the search bar, type the specific information you are looking for. Mixtable will search through the worksheet the moment you stop typing.

3. Navigate to the located cells

When the search has finished, and if there are any cells that match your criteria, you can use the search bar to navigate through all the cells where Mixtable found a match. You do this using the arrows buttons [↑↓] in the search bar. Click these to cycle back and forth through all of the cells that match your search.

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