Manage your Shopify variant images

Mixtable’s spreadsheet interface simplifies the process of choosing an image for a specific product variant. You can either select an existing image from the product the variant belongs to or upload a new one.

First, ensure you have a Products with Variants worksheet in your workbook for the Shopify store whose variants you’re modifying. With this worksheet in place, you’ll need to designate a column for the variant image. Right-click on the header of a column that isn’t yet mapped for syncing (these columns have a grey background, while columns set for data syncing have a light green background). When you right-click, a context menu will appear. Choose the Shopify Sync Settings option.

In the window that opens, select the Core Field field type, and then Variant Image from the dropdown menu. Click the Save button to save the new column mapping.

You’ll see the new column start populating almost immediately with thumbnails of any images currently assigned to your variants. Mixtable populates the cells in the column with the IMAGE function, holding the URL of the image as a parameter.

Using the IMAGE function to set a variant’s image

Leveraging the power of the Excel-style IMAGE function in Mixtable allows users to efficiently manage Shopify product variant images within the convenience of their spreadsheets. By using a URL as a parameter, the IMAGE function enables seamless display and updating of images within cells.

How to use the IMAGE function in Mixtable to set product variant images

  1. In the Variant Image column, input the IMAGE function with the image URL enclosed in parentheses. For instance, if the image URL is, the function appears as: =IMAGE("")
  2. The specified image appears within the cell, allowing you to visually see the variant image directly in the Mixtable spreadsheet.
  3. To replace the image, modify the URL within the IMAGE function to another publicly accessible image link. For example, to use a new image located at, update the function accordingly: =IMAGE("")
  4. Synchronize the updated Mixtable spreadsheet with your Shopify store by selecting the “Save” button on the toolbar. Mixtable uploads the new image from the modified URL to Shopify, establishing it as the product variant image.

Using the Change button to set a variant’s image

The Change button visible in each variant image cell allows you to set the variant image to another image associated with the product or upload a new one. Clicking the button brings up the Set Variant Image widget. The widget allows you to set the image for a given variant from the set of images already belonging to the same product, or by uploading a file from your computer.

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