Adjust the inventory quantity for your Shopify products

In addition to being able to directly set your products inventory to a specific value, you can also adjust inventory quantity up or down using Mixtable. Inventory adjustments are useful to ensure that a given product doesn’t end up with an incorrect inventory value when multiple users/apps are modifying it. For example, if an order is placed at the same time that Mixtable is setting the inventory to some specific value, you may end up with more or less inventory recorded in Shopify than you do in reality.

To set up a column to adjust the inventory at a location follow these steps. This applies both for products and variants, and so works from a worksheets mapped to products and from worksheets mapped to variants.

  1. Add a Product with Variants worksheet if you haven’t already
  2. Find a column that is currently empty, and right-click on the header of the column (the header contains the column’s letter)
  3. Click on the Shopify Sync Settings option
  4. In the Shopify Sync Settings interface that opens, select the Inventory Adjustment radio button
  5. You will now see a dropdown containing the various inventory locations that you have set up in Shopify. Select the location whose inventory you want to adjust via the column.
  6. Click on the Save button
  7. The Shopify Sync Settings interface will close, and you will see the column set up. The column’s cells will all initially be empty.
  8. Repeat the steps above for any other locations whose inventory you’d like to map to a column

Now, to adjust the inventory for a product find the corresponding cell and enter the desired adjustment as a number. A positive number will increase the inventory by that amount. A negative number will decrease the inventory by that amount. Once you’ve done entering the inventory adjustments for all your products, click on Sync sheet to Shopify and Mixtable will adjust the inventory for you. Once the inventory for a particular product/variant has been successfully adjusted, the cell into which you entered the adjustment will be cleared.

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