Exporting Shopify orders

Mixtable is the easiest way to export your Shopify orders to Excel, with the exact fields you need.

First, set up a worksheet that syncs data to your Shopify orders. As you add columns for the data you want Mixtable will automatically populate them with any existing data. When this population is done, which should take a minute if you have a lot of data, you can trigger the export. Keep in mind that data in your Mixtable orders worksheets will keep itself up-to-date as changes are made in Shopify. So, if you want to export the same orders data in the future, with the latest data, you can skip straight to the export step.

Second, open the workbook menu, using the button on the very top-right of the screen. Select the Export to .xlsx option. You’ll be immediately prompted with the location where to save the Excel file on your computer. And that’s it!

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