Analyze your Shopify sales

A smart spreadsheet that can sync data with Shopify and has the full complement of Excel formulas is the ideal way to review and analyze your Shopify sales data. Beyond the basics that data syncing and Excel functionality provide, the team at Mixtable is constantly working on new ways to make your life easier when it comes to sales/order analytics.

Syncing Shopify order and order line item data

The first step in analyzing your Shopify order data is to sync it into a Mixtable workbook. This is easily accomplished by adding a worksheet to hold Order data, and a worksheet to hold Order Line Item data, as needed. When you add such worksheets Mixtable will immediately begin populating them with your stores’s order data.

Once synced, having all your orders in a worksheet opens up a lot of possibilities. At it’s most basic, you can see all your orders in one screen and search through them. You can also use empty columns to set up Excel formulas on the order data, or to store other data such as notes. You can also search and filter the data.

If you also have a worksheet with your products/variants in your workbook you can use Excel formulas to deliver product-level order metrics. Formulas such as VLOOKUP, INDEX+MATCH, SUMIF, and others can easily help you discover the number of orders per product, average order size, total order dollars, and more. Simply use the data as if you were working in Excel.

Using Mixtable Analytics for analyze product sales

Aside from syncing raw data into cells in your worksheet, Mixtable allows you to map columns to a set of pre-calculated analytics. These are analytics that we know are important to our clients, and these columns save you from doing advanced Excel formula work yourself. Just map an Analytics column in your worksheet and Mixtable will take care of the rest - populating it with data, and updating the cells as data changes. For example, if you map the Total Order Amount Analytics field for products, as new orders for each product are placed the value of the relevant cell will auto-update.

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