Bulk edit your Shopify store’s data

Mixtable’s Excel-like spreadsheet interface was designed from the ground up to be the best way out there to bulk edit the data in your Shopify store. You can edit almost everything, and you can customize your workbook to suit your needs.

Columns in Mixtable can either be standard ones, i.e., work just like in Excel, or they can be linked to a particular data field in Shopify. To convert a column from a standard column to one linked to Shopify data, right click on the column’s header and select the Shopify Sync Settings menu option.

You will now be presented with a set of options for the data you want to sync. These options will change depending on what data (e.g., products) you have set to sync to the particular worksheet. The column sync settings options are:

  • Core Field - This option allows you to further select and map this column to one of the “core” data fields that Shopify has for each data type. For example, allowing you to map the “Description” for Products, or the “Email Address” of a Customer.
  • Metafield - This option allows you to map a column to sync with a particular metafield, by specifying the namespace, metafield name, and the type of the metafield.
  • Product’s Manual Collections (Products only) - Maps a column to show the handles of the Manual Collections that the product is a part of, and allowing you to add/remove a product from a Manual Collection.
  • Inventory (Products and Variants only) - Allows you to sync inventory from Shopify and sync inventory to Shopify. If Inventory is mapped to a worksheet containing Products, then the inventory synced will be the inventory for the first variant of the product only.
  • Additional Order Detail (Orders only) - If you have any Additional Order Details data as part of your orders, you can map each such field to sync to a column.
  • Line Item Custom Property (Order Line Items only) - If you have any Order Line Item Customizations data as part of your line items (e.g., engravings), you can map each such field to sync to a column.
  • Mixtable Analytics - Gives you access to pre-generated store analytics that are relevant to the data you are looking at. For example, allows you to have a column show the total order count for a product. Mixtable Analytics columns update automatically as data is updated in Shopify.

After you’ve mapped your column to sync to a particular Shopify data field, any existing data will automatically be populated into the column. When this is done you are welcome to edit the data as you see fit, in the same manner as you can in Excel. You can edit cell values directly. You can copy/paste data. Or you can use Excel-style formulas to dynamically update data.