The magic spreadsheet for Shopify

Mixtable is an online spreadsheet, designed from the ground up to sync data with Shopify. It looks, feels, and behaves like Excel, but runs in your browser. The incredible flexibility of a spreadsheet lets you to manage products, metafields, inventory, orders, and so, so much more.

Our Shopify apps

To use Mixtable with your store you need to install one of our apps from the Shopify app store. Each app is designed for folks that are looking to use Mixtable for different purposes. If you are looking to just export data, install our Exporter app. If you need bulk editing powers, install our Bulk Editor app. Each app has different billing plans so you pay only for the functionality you need.

Delicioius, Delicious Features

Excel-like online spreadsheet
A spreadsheet interface that behaves just like Excel does, but everything runs in your browser.
Real-time updates from Shopify
When data changes in your store, your spreadsheet will update almost immediately. You don't need to do manual syncs.
One-click updates to Shopify
When you are ready click the "Done Editing" button and Mixtable will automatically sync your spreadsheet changes to Shopify.
Use the Excel formulas you already know
Mixtable supports most Excel formulas. No need to learn something new.
Bulk number editor
Use the Bulk Number Editor to modify cells with numbers in bulk. Saves you from manually modifying individual cells.
Bulk find and replace
Find and replace content in cells in seconds.
Bulk tags editor
Instead of editing cells, you can use the built-in Bulk tags editor to add or remove tags fast.
Built-in image editor
Rotate, resize, and crop product images right from Mixtable
Bulk add images
Add multiple images to your products from files or from a set of image URLs.
Use the spreadsheet sidebar to show data that may not be mapped into a worksheet
Cell history
See how a cell's value has changed over time
Row history
See how all the cells in a given how have changed over time
Sort your worksheet as you would in Excel
Data filtering
Want to only see products by a certain vendor? Use our Excel-like row filter
Lock rows and columns
Lock the top row and left-hand-most column so they stay put while you scroll

Got Questions?

We're here to help! Reach out to us directly at [email protected], and we'll get back to you promptly.