Connect your Shopify store with Mixtable

Getting your Shopify store up and running with Mixtable takes just a minute and a few clicks. Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Log into Mixtable. On your dashboard, click on the “Integrations” menu option on the left menu, and then click on the Shopify integration card.

  1. In the new panel that opens, you will be shown the “Workspace ID” for the workspace you are currently in. Copy this value to your clipboard.

  1. Install the Mixtable connector app from the Shopify app store to the store whose data you want to sync with Mixtable.

  1. Once installed, open the Mixtable app from your Shopify Admin. You will see a prompt to enter the Mixtable Workspace ID that you copied earlier. Paste this value, and click on the “Link Store” button.

  1. Return to Mixtable, click on “Integrations” in the left menu, then again click on the Shopify integration card. You will now see the URL for your Shopify store as connected

  1. That’s it! Now create a Workbook and start syncing your stores’ data.

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