The basics of using Mixtable

At its core Mixtable operates exactly like Excel does. Same formulas, same worksheet behavior, etc. So here we’ll cover some of the spreadsheet features that are unique to Mixtable.


In Mixtable workbooks exist as part of workspaces. At any point you are always in one workspace or another. Workspaces have an owner, and other users can be given access to the workbooks within a workspace. When you are on your dashboard the name of the workspace you are in is displayed on the top left.


Cells in Mixtable behave just like Excel cells do. When you change a cell that change is saved automatically (similar to how Google Sheets operates). If you make a change and reload your workbook you’ll notice that the cell change is still there.

What you will also notice when you change a cell is that it becomes highlighted. This is because cells keep track of whether they have been changed, to help you more easily identify such cells in your workbook. When you are done editing, and want to “confirm” your changes, click on the Sync sheet to Shopify button in the top right of the workbook screen. When you are working within a “basic” worksheet clicking on Sync sheet to Shopify removes the highlight of those cells that were changed. If the changes made are in a worksheet that is linked to sync to another system, e.g., Shopify, then the moment you click Sync sheet to Shopify is when Mixtable will attempt to sync your changes up to the source system.


Got Questions?

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