The Magical Spreadsheet For Shopify

Mixtable helps Shopify stores bulk edit, view, and analyze their data

Powerful as an ERP. Simple as a spreadsheet.

Bulk edit products
Bulk update inventory
Bulk edit metafields
Bulk edit price and cost
Bulk find & replace
Edit your product information the same way you would in Excel. Mixtable will sync the changes to Shopify for you, so you don't have to import/export CSVs any more.

Bulk edit, view, and analyze your Shopify data


Spreadsheet features. Massive productivity.

Use just like Excel

All the same formulas. You don't have to learn anything new

Real-time updates

When data changes in your store, your spreadsheet will update almost immediately

Update product prices with formulas

Use any Excel formulas you need to dynamically set your products' prices

Bulk number editor

Modify numbers in bulk, without having to edit individual cells

Bulk add and remove tags

Instead of editing cells, you can use the built-in Bulk Tag Add & Remove feature

Built-in image editor

Rotate, resize, and crop product images right from Mixtable

Use the sidebar for a better view

Use the sidebar to show data that may not be mapped into a worksheet

Cell history

See how a cell's value has changed over time

Access pre-built analytics

We know the metrics Shopify store owners want to see, such as sales-by-product or customer LTV. So we've pre-built them and they are available at your fingertips

Manage your inventory with ease

Use a familiar spreadsheet interface to manage your Shopify inventory. You are able to manage inventory across multiple locations, and sync inventory both to and from Shopify.

Build a CRM for your Shopify store

Create a CRM that is incredibly easy to use and tailored to your needs. Sync all your customer data into one sheet, with columns for the data you need. Add to this Mixtable Analytics fields, such as Life-Time Value, and get the Shopify CRM you've always wanted.

The easiest way to bulk edit your Shopify store's data

An Excel-like spreadsheet is the easiest way to bulk update your price, inventory, metafields, tags, and more. You can also create data, such as products and customers, in bulk.

Your all-in-one ERP for Shopify

Sync your Shopify data to create an incredibly cost-effective ERP for your store. Update inventory, analyze sales, check on your payouts and accounting transactions, and much more.

Save money by replacing apps with a smart spreadsheet

Mixtable is your all-in-one metafield editor, bulk editor, CRM, ERP, and more ...

Get it for your store now!

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