The Shopify bulk editor that does it all

Before Mixtable: You have to pay for multiple apps to edit metafields, prices, inventory, and products in bulk. Not to mention buggy CSV uploads. With Mixtable: Everyting is in one app. Things just work. You save yourself money, headaches, and wasted hours.

"It's like using Google Sheets or Excel where formulas can be used for advanced editing"
"Without Mixtable I have no idea how would I be able to handle thousands of products at once"
"The ease with which I can manage and update my metafields is unrivaled to date"

Simple as a spreadsheet. As powerful as an ERP.

Bulk product management
View your product information the same way you would in Excel. Add products or update existing products in seconds. No more error-prone CSV imports/exports. Mixtable automatically syncs new product information from Shopify for you.
Metafield management
No more dedicated metafield apps that cost you more money! Load all the metafields you want into your Mixtable worksheet, and use the speedy spreadsheet interface to edit your metafields in seconds.

Inventory management
Inventory management has never been easier. No more one-by-one product inventory updates in Shopify, or paying for a dedicated inventory app. You can set inventory to a specific value, or adjust inventory up/down by just modifying a cell.

Review orders
View all your orders and their fulfillment information in one place, making order tracking a breeze!
Bulk update prices
Update your prices in bulk, fast. Copy and paste them across products, use Excel-like formulas to make dynamic changes, or use the dedicated bulk number editor to adjust your prices by a constant amount or a percentage.
Bulk add/remove tags
Need to add/remove tags in bulk? You can do so by directly modifying cells, or use Mixtable's built-in Bulk Tag Editor tool to update thousands of products' tags with one move.
Analyze customers
Build your own spreadsheet-based CRM by syncing your store's customer data to a worksheet. Mixtable keeps it up to date with changes in Shopify, and you can update your customer data right from the spreadsheet.
Product history
Mixtable tracks all cell changes, whether done by you or if new data syncs from Shopify. Right click on a cell to see its history. Right click on a row to get the history of all its cells.
Update Google Shopping fields
Need to manage Google Shopping fields with a spreadsheet? Mixtable is ready for you!

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