A BIG thankyou goes to..

Our Users

The thousands of Mixtable users for their passion for, patience with, anecdotes of and trust into Mixtable. If we ever annoyed you with calls, missing features or cancelled Mixtables, we apologise! If our shut-down is a disappointment, we say sorry! Please keep the good times in memory, and stay in touch :). We hope to meet as many of you randomly in bars one day as possible. The first drink will be on us!

The Team Behind Mixtable

Sinan Güclü for being the true mastermind behind Mixtable’s technology, the biggest party animal we know, and the most genuine friend we have won. You will go very far in your life, and we hope you’ll remember us and come back to Munich on occasion.

Dylan Bahnan for making the bold move to leave his old company and join the Mixtable team. Thank you for joining us, bringing Sinan along, and making everything look pretty!

Marta Polanski for leaving an interesting job behind to build out Mixtable’s social media efforts at even more mediocre terms than before. We truly valued having you on board, and wish you all the best with your new studies now.

Niklas Kuhagen our first real intern, for spreading the Mixtable message across Munich, developing the social media concept, and researching the most obscure contacts online.

Christian Stolle our premium business AND tech intern, for not only building product and facebook ads, but becoming a true part of our team.

Anaïs Bock for eliminating all our bullshit. If we ever start another company, our first female persona will be named after you and the first male persona after Rufus our favourite miniature dog.

Charlotte Meinardus for becoming our first membership experience manager.

Lukas Ingelheim for flying in straight from Chicago to build Mixtable’s beta-version within just four weeks and thus providing the basis for all that was to come.

Max Stricker for helping us understand the first technical hurdles.

Jan Hopf for his initial design studies and website concepts.

Our friends, advisors and contractors

Matthias Sappl and Arthur Pape of Pape & Co (tax accountants) who truly help to make Munich a more start-up friendly place. Their generous support package and friendly help made setting up our own company a lot more fun, both during the launch and build-out.

Axel Heltzel for becoming our first lawyer and drafting what turned out to be quite intricate user terms & conditions and privacy notes.

Kuba Kuźma for showing us what real coders can accomplish and building Mixtable’s first real and clean backend.

Stefan Frey of Schwarzschild for designing our logo at very flexible start-up terms. (They even granted us permission to use the logo beyond its initial use period for this gravestone website)

Raul Pinto for his courtesy code reviews. Much appreciated!

Baltasar Cevc for his friendly legal guidance in the beginning and his encouragement to give Mixtable a shot.

Claus Gastroph for notarizing our very first own companies, and Martin Schmid and Thomas Böhm for all the legal work that followed thereafter.

Ilka Kuhagen for providing us not only a market research platform to test the first concepts and design studies with, but also the recruitment of and incentives for our beta users.

Björn Anton, Tim Kettenring, Mehmet Yilmaz, Tim Huonker, Nils Noack, Michael Migendt, Jaclyn Schnau, Frederik Brantner, Barbara Walpuski, Martin Sundermann, Jörn Fingerhuth, Ulrike Schulz, Michael Gerstl, Sascha Schreier and the other teams at the SCE Incubator: for all the lunch dates, weekend chats and after-work drinks in which they provided us with inspiration and technical insights into all aspects of launching and running an online business.

Our parents and friends, who endured us constantly talking business at every social gathering, who were not afraid to provide critical feedback, and who volunteered so much of their own time to help out whenever needed. We love you!


All our bars across the country for co-hosting our users week after week again. Special shout out to Max Kloker and John Hofmann at Munich Distillers, Corinna Finkl at Cole & Porter Bar and José Carlos Viotti da Fonseca at Lisboa Bar for allowing us to use their terrific venues as testing grounds for our initial Mixtables and the valuable feedback they have provided along the way.

Michael Pointl at Nachtagenten for trialling the first partnership models with us

The team at Jameson Whiskey for making us briefly feel like we had reached a new era and a partnership that made us realize a whole lot of new opportunities on the horizon for Mixtable.

Mike Tobin LILLET’s brand manager based in Munich, for sponsoring the drinks at our Mixtable and Friends Parties. Try LILLET Vive, it’s delicious.

Nicola Breugst the Chair of Entrepreneurship at TUM, and her colleague Judith Behrens, for entrusting us three of her IDP teams, who were a delight to have around and who truly contributed to the technical build-out of Mixtable. Thank you for all the work you do in fostering entrepreneurship among students.

The TUM’s three IDP teams for electing to work with and for us as part of their university projects. It was impressive how quickly you picked things up, the contributions you were able to accomplish in such short times and the creativity and structure you brought to the table.

The LMU’s two START teams, for writing two business plans and many interesting marketing ideas. Shout-out to Barbara Sänger, Özge Günver, Sophie Czajka, Katharina Eisenkrein and Belinda Kellerer as well as Larissa Berger, Ana-Sofie Schneider, Sebastian Waic, Tobias Liebing and Patrick Zielbauer.

Our visitors from the University of Aalborg, Anne Lundsted Poulson and Ramtin Shaikh Sofla, who helped us evaluate the expansion potential of Mixtable to the Nordic countries.


Meredith McPherron of the Harvard Rock Centre of Entrepreneurship for accepting us in their fellowship program and thus providing Mixtable with its initial launch capital.

The incubator team at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, in particular to Assaf Shamia for encouraging us to apply, to Herbert Gillig for guiding us along the way, Christiane Friederich and Annegret Jennewein for their regular consultations, and Julian Sametinger and Uli Langer for keeping everything running.

Martin Huber our first outside investor, for discovering, financing, advising, trusting and partying with us, as well as his pragmatic approach to our pivots and the final shut-down decision.


Grouper for serving as our initial inspiration and the true innovation in the dating space they paved the way for. We hope to have you back in Europe soon! And thank you for an epic night in Boston in 2013. We are still in touch with all three girls despite the massive pond in the middle.

Smeeters, Groopify and many other companies in our space, for teaching us that there is more to learn from competition than to be afraid of. Best of luck to them all. Their products and experiences are definitely a worthwhile contribution to the dating scene!

Daniel Kuhagen